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Our staff pays close attention to all aspects of a child’s development including tailoring their care to each child’s individual needs. We strive to provide your children with a loving, caring, and safe environment enhanced by our Catholic tradition. Our certified teachers are committed to recognizing the needs and talents of each child to foster excitement in learning.

We address the many different developmental milestones of each of our children, but more importantly, we provide our children at SACCC with love and attention. It is not uncommon to see one of our teachers as an invited guest at birthday parties or at the celebrations of the Sacraments such as First Eucharist. Teachers are our greatest resource. They are carefully selected, provided with training and/or continuing educational opportunities, and retained because of their passion for working with children. We look forward to meeting your little one, and sharing in the journey at these fun, exciting and formative ages!

Bundles of Joy

Through our compassionate and well-trained staff, we provide excellent care for infants as young as six weeks old.

Providing each gift from God individual physical interaction, care, and love is our primary focus. We humbly recognize, at this stage in life for the family, that the acclimation into childcare may be more of a transition for the parents/guardians than for the infant. With that in mind and in always doing what is best for the baby, we strive for collaboration with the parents while also implementing schedules and routines that encourage the health and well-being of the babies. Even at this age, our certified teachers offer the appropriate level of learning activities that contribute to each child’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive and language development.

Toddler 1
Curious Little Ones

Exploration is at the core of development in this formative age. Our one-year-old program is designed to give each child a safe and secure place to move, explore, and discover the world around them in this newly mobile stage of life. This is an exciting age, full of firsts, and packed with learning!

Opportunities of exploration that promote sensory development as well as activities which foster fine and gross motor skills are at the forefront of our curriculum at this stage.

Our approach is designed to create ways to support each child’s individual curiosity and exploration. Throughout the day, our staff provides our children with a variety of different learning materials such as balls, blocks, instruments, shape sorters, sensory bottles, books and more to stimulate their learning. Our teachers establish daily routines for the children, which include learning opportunities that are well organized and conveniently arranged.

Toddler 2
Traveling Twos

By their very nature, toddlers are eager to explore the world around them. Our two-year-old program is designed to be a safe, nurturing environment for your child at this inquisitive age. We encourage each child's adventurous nature, but we also understand that children, particularly at this curious age, need constant supervision and guidance. We wipe noses and bottoms, tie shoes, change clothes, button buttons, and zip zippers.

Their rapidly developing personalities are emerging, and conversations are an integral part of fostering a love for learning. Designed lesson plans include songs, games, stories, and play. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving, memory development, and continued fine and gross motor skills development. For our older toddlers, we begin the process of introducing them to letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.

Our teachers adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and work together with our parents to reach full potty training on their schedule.

Every aspect of the two-year-old journey is important to our teachers.

Pre-K 3
Age of Imagination

Building trusting relationships encourages physical, mental, and emotional growth. Emotions are expressed more clearly, and relationships with others are formed. Our PreK 3 program is designed to nurture young minds to form healthy relationships. They learn about the world around them in a safe environment while making new friends.

Our theme-based curriculum, created by certified teachers, include developmentally appropriate activities to meet the needs of their increase in attention span, recognition of letters and numbers and problem-solving skills. Learning centers highlighting science, language, reading, writing, art, gardening, cooking, geography, and mathematics along with outdoor play make learning fun.

Imaginations begin to flourish!

Pre-K 4
"I Can Do This"

Self-identity, independence, collaborative learning, discovery, and problem solving are at the heart of this developmental stage. Our PreK 4 program is designed to provide structure-based and play-based learning opportunities that invite our children to engage in the learning process.

Strong foundations begin to form in literacy and writing, language, science, math, religion, and many other topics. Our teachers support the children in developing higher-level concepts through guided questions, facilitating structured thinking, and providing information and opportunities to acquire new knowledge.

Through exploration, play, and instruction, our teachers continue to promote social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual development.

Please note that choosing to remain at our Center in Pre-K4 is not an option for children who will be four years old on or before September 30, and application should be made for admission into a Pre-K class at St. Aloysius School.  Placement decisions in Pre-K 4 will be made through a collaborative effort by SACCC and SAS.

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